At the 2011 Kentuck Festival of the arts, I met and interviewed to Godwin Kou, never short of ideas and inspiration, and I found another jewel in 2012: Dennis Thompson and his dragons. That’s right, I said dragons! Mr. Thompson is the snowy-hair man sitting behind a booth protected by his dragons: ones in shells, baby ones, and a full-grown adult one. I battled my way through and asked for his name. Dragons were not going to keep me from this treasure!

 Dennis Thompson’s dragons are made out of clay, but I asked him, “Why clay?”

 He smiled and said that originally he’d been a painter, but that he had suddenly walked down into the clay department and much “cooler” things were going on down there, so he stuck around. (Why make something flat when it could be D?)

 My next question should be obvious: “Why dragons? Is it because you are into fantasy books, you know, with elves, fairies, etc.?”

 He smiled again and said that it was because he had a fascination with paleontology (the science of the forms of life existing in former geologic-periods, as represented by their fossils) and archaeology. Basically, fossil and bone-structures are what this all means. He also said, “My work is often viewed as ‘fantasy’ art. However, for me, the dragons developed more as a cultural interpretation of archetypal reptilian forms rather than a representation of mythological creatures. The sculptures I build are diverse and encompass a wide range of richly organic forms.”

 There you have it folks, I present to you: Dennis Thompson! (And his extremely dynamic wife; the woman is wonderful!) So, if you ever intend on buying one of these beauties, get to the festival and have to stand a minute before the gates open, because there are collectors for this artwork. Also, check out Thompson out on Facebook – look for Snobhog Studio!