This was my first Kentuck festival experience, but I can say that it went beyond my expectations: artwork here and there, and people haggling trying to sell it, and tired people lumbering around trying to find some amusement beyond the art. No, Kentuck was: People singing and dancing, artists displaying beautiful masterpieces, food being sold at cheap prices (a whole box of pizza for five bucks!), and some of the weirdest sites I ever will see! Remember, this was my first trip, so excuse me if my mind is utterly blown.

 Weeks in advance, we each got to pick an artist to interview at the festival before we could get heavily underway. I chose Godwin, Godwin Kou — I know, pretty cool first name, also a very good attention grabber. Insert smile.)

 Mr. Kou (pronounced like koh.) is a watercolor painter/ calligraphist from Guangzhou, China. He moved to the United States in 1986 and learned how to paint mostly from his schools in America. But the art dates far back in his heritage, where watercolor painting was a part of everyday life. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is where he was inspired to paint.

 Kou has had worldwide recognition as an artist. In 1985, his works were shown for the first time in the Museum of Luis de Camoes in Macao, a year before he moved to America! In 1996 his work was a part of ” Today’s Famous Chinese Artists” exhibit, where he toured the United States, Canada, and South Africa, representing Taiwan. In 1999, he was a part of the exhibit: “Observance for the Discovery of the Oracle of One Century” in Taiwan. And in 2004, he was a part of the Taichong Culture and Art Center in Taiwan.

 Godwin Kou is a very inspired man who doesn’t mind sharing his inspiration with others. He is a two-year member of the  Community Committee of the Atlanta High Museum of Art; one of the founding members of the  Chinese American Artist Association in Atlanta as well.

 So, with all that said, you can imagine my excitement at seeing his beautiful watercolor paintings with calligraphic inscriptions! For your enjoyment, I am providing (with permission from the artist) a video clip of this indescribable artwork! (insert smile again).